Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas 3/17/17-3/20/17

Today we have a cruise review from fellow cruiser and former fellow high school alumni, Sara L, who recently sailed aboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas out of Port Canaveral. Actually what is interesting about this is that her sailing departed out of Port Canaveral the same day as our sailing aboard Carnival Sunshine! So we may have been waving excitedly back and fourth as our ships departed! Sadly she didn’t send me any pictures so for your viewing pleasure I’ve found some stock images from Uncle Google’s collection! So on with the review!

  1. What ship did you cruise? And how many nights? How did you decide on this particular sailing? Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas, 3 nights. We chose this sailing because it aligned with our daughter’s spring break and is close by. 
  2. What port did you cruise from? How was embarkation? Port Canaveral. Very convenient because we live about 35 mins from there. Pretty easy embarkation, though not great communication prior to arrival on where to go and what to do.
  3. What were your first impression’s of the ship? The ship is old…we knew that going in but read RC had renovated in 2012 and did not expect the chipping tile and paint.
  4. What kind of stateroom did you have? What did you think of it? Ocean view stateroom. We expected a pull out sofa bed for our daughter (as shown online) but instead got a bunk that pulled down from the wall. Room was VERY dated and small.
  5. Talk to me about dining, from the main dining room to the lido deck, what were your thoughts? The food options at the arrival / embarkation day were great! Buffet with everything from shrimp to burgers. RC definitely pulled out the stops. Main dining was nice & plenty of options to choose from. Wine list was great. We prefer private dining, which we requested but didn’t receive. Service at the pool bar was good and our daughter loved all the access to the ice cream!
  6. Entertainment, what did you think of the entertainment options on the ship? We only saw one show on the ship and it was a bit cheesy. 
  7. On a sea day you get a feel for how the ship handles with respect to the amount of guests onboard. Was there plenty to do? Any areas of congestion or concern? No sea day with the 3 night.
  8. What ports did you visit? Any highlights or tips? We visited Nassau and RC’s private island. We’ve been to Nassau previously so just did some shopping on Bay Street and had lunch back on the ship & enjoyed the pool. The private island was very nice & we opted for the private beach cabana to have some shade. Service on the island was great. Only note is that the ship does NOT pull up to the island – you have to take a smaller boat [a tender] to get from the ship over. It’s a very rocky ride!
  9. When you returned to home port- how was debarkation? Did you do self-assist? Or zone debarkation? We self-assist, which we prefer. Loved that they have that option.
  10. Your biggest highlight? We loved spending the day at Coco Cay! Great family time on a beautiful beach & it was definitely worth it to pay up for the cabana (which also included private, delivered lunch).
  11. Your lowest low? The larger pool was closed and drained less than half way through the trip & they never got it back up & running.
  12. Final thoughts of the ship, the cruise, the ports? People say “you get what you pay for”. The Royal Caribbean 3 night is a great option if you’re looking for value. We would consider RC again but only on a MUCH newer ship. At the end of the day, it’s the time we got to spend as a family that matters most.

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